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Thank you for visiting As of October 2012, has closed down operations. In the twelve months for which we were operational, we were constantly awed and amazed by the support and engagement of our loyal users. I am extremely grateful to our users, our helpers and most of all, the Chachii team. was an experiment, to try and bring a very different model of domestic help to India. It was a social entrepreneurial venture which was aimed at high-quality service, yes, but also towards uplifting the domestic labourers of urban India, who seem to be getting the short end of the stick.

Many factors played a part in the Chachii team making the hard decision to shut down operations. Perhaps the most hard-hitting was our inability to gain sufficient traction to justify keep running our operations. Our resources were limited and when we were not able to achieve our target growth rates, we had to arrive at this difficult conclusion.

Post-Chachii, the members of our team are now working in reputed companies and promising startups around the world. We have taken a lifetime of experiences from our year building Chachii and we hope to apply it in what we are building next. If you have any questions or would like to reach out to us, write to

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Tanvi Surti and Nikhil Goel


PS: Wrote some blogposts about my experience running Chachii. See here, here and here.